Detail Standard Cleaning Service

Detail of all the items that this service includes, there are extra services that, if required, must be paid as extras and these requirements must be indicated in the quote. If you want to quote this service, do it from this same page in the following button


Clean Sink  

Wipe off kitchen table  

Clean exterior microwave  

Clean exterior refrigerator  

Clean stove top (standard) 

Vacuum / Mop floor 

Living Room

Dust off 

Dusting furniture 

Vacuum / Mop floor 


Clean Toilet 

Clean Bathtub/shower 

Clean Bathroom sink  

Wipe down mirrors 

Vacuum / Mop floors


Dust off 

Dusting furniture 

Vacuum / Mop floor 

Extra Services

Microwave interior cleaning 

Oven interior cleaning 

Inside refrigerator cleaning 

Blinds cleaning 

Interior window cleaning

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